There are many gods in the world. There are gods of rivers, mountains, individual cities, gods of wind, gods of trade, and gods of beasts. Most are localized in their worship.

In Taltos, there are three human faiths that play a major role in events.

The Church of Three: The worship of the three is the default religion in the “civilized” kingdoms of Adon. The church’s center is in Breonne, but it has temples all over the world. The three gods of the faith are Aurellius the Brave, Bellarion the Wise, and Anarion the Father.

A major facet of the church is its Chroniclers. Sages and scholars who spend their lives recording and preserving knowledge to pass on to future generations. It is considered the sacred duty of the Templar order to protect the Chroniclers and their libraries.

[This is your classic “Lawful Good” monolithic church. Much like the Church of Rome in the dark ages, but more tolerant of other faiths.]

Khardullis: This is the dark god of Malvernis. Its practice is limited mostly to Craclaw, but it is a major factor in Craclaw’s culture and how the overlords conduct their business. Khardullis is a god of death and pain. His faithful believe that honoring their god with sacrifices and victory over foes brings them rewards.

[Khardullis is a Lawful Evil/order through oppression kind of god. It is the state religion of Malvernis and also in Craclaw, which –while not a part of he empire– aspires to emulate them in many ways.]

Sokar: The ancient faith of the Hakiri and the Jalahandrans. They believe that their gods walked the world and guided them in the past. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of the faith in Jalahandra. The faithful, calling themselves the Nefsokar (Children of Sokar) claim their gods come again to lead them to glory.

[Nefsokar religious traditions are a blend of Bedouin and Egyptian, including mummification, tombs of treasure, holy dervishes preaching in the deserts, etc. They are harsh, but not cruel.]

There are a couple of minor churches that have some presence in Taltos. Mara the sea goddess and Jadros, the god of trade have shrines at the port cities. The elves and dwarfs have their gods too. Silverhelm is the father god figure of the dwarfs. The elves do not speak their god’s name, but refer to him as the Lord of the Forest.


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