Port Gangrel: One of the two major seaports. The city and the immediate area seems to be run by smugglers and thieves guilds.

Blackguard Cove: Pronounced “blaggurd” by the locals, the Cove is the major exporter for goods that come downriver. It also stands across the Ironrun from the elven city of Almirithil.

Almirithil: The elves outpost in Taltos. It stands at the southern tip of Tirithilia. The elves do some trading, but are mainly aloof and somewhat condescending to outsiders.

Mitaur: A once-ruined city, now reoccupied (though said to be not much repaired). Mitaur stands at the edge of the Jalahandran Desert. It is also a seat of power for the new (old?) religion known as the Sokar.

Aizen Krahl: The dwarf stronghold sits atop Talon Pass. The dwarfs mine the wealth of the mountains as they guard against incursion of humanoids from the Monglash Steppes to the East.

Denelspire: A stronghold temple to the Three on the grasslands of central Taltos. It is said to be a haven for refugees, though the Templars are traditionally sworn to remain neutral except in defense of the Chroniclers.

Craclaw: The city of the Overlords sits on the Ironrun river. It is the hub of the slave trade in Taltos. It is said that the only law there is what the powerful can inflict on the weak.


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