There are no alignment languages in the campaign.

Human PCs are assumed to speak the Common Tongue and their native language. Common is less a lingua franca and more a pidgin tradespeak. One can achieve basic communication with it, but it lacks nuance. Attempts at things like witticisms, diplomacy, or seduction are at a minus when speaking Common, though simple reaction rolls are normal.

Outside of large towns, only about half the populace speaks Common. The main human languages in Taltos are:

  • Breonnese (The Taltain speak a dialect of this)
  • Jalahandran
  • Darthan (mainly spoken in Craclaw)

Elves and dwarfs speak their own languages. PCs of these races also know Common, but no extra languages.

For languages, treat halflings as humans and gnomes as dwarfs.

The Savage Humanoids of the Monglash Steppes speak a tongue they call Manu Kele, but most people simply refer to it as “Orc.”

There are other, more obscure languages: Old Hakiri, Draconic, Thief or Druid cants, Gaelen (northmen), etc.

Learning Languages: PCs can start with as many languages as their class and INT allows. A PC with bonus languages can choose to leave a slot unassigned and quickly learn another language after play starts (≈two weeks of study & practice to get by). PCs that wish to learn extra languages will have to spend weeks in the company of a fluent speaker, practicing daily. At the end of each week, the PC makes an INT roll. Once they’ve made 3 successes, they have grasped the basic of the language sufficiently to continue learning independently. The GM has final say on when the PC is fluent.


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