In the game of power in Taltos, there are many players. Some are only vying for control over their own destinies, others have greater ambitions. The following groups are those that have had broader impact on the region recently:

The Overlords of Craclaw: The Ironrun river flows through the city, so the overlords have a great deal of sway over that trade. The main business of Craclaw, however, is slaves. They buy bondslaves from Taltos (some say they even raid and capture innocent folk) and sell them to different nations around Adon, especially to Malvernis. Their troops are disciplined, but their politics are murky.

The Elves: While the forest dwellers to the North do not seem to wish the people of Taltos any harm, they appear to be busily engaged in some sort of private war that ranges throughout the region. If someone gets in their way, they will not hesitate to fight.

The Dwarfs: Aizen Krahl wants peace with Taltos, but they struggle in their war with the Reven (orcs, humanoids). They will fight anyone who threatens the Seventh Kingdom’s survival, if their King decrees it so.

The Reven: More than just the occasional band of orcs, rumor has it that a true invasion of the greenskins is coming. They have to get over or around the Ash Mountains first (or past the dwarfs).

The Nefsokar: The fanatics of Sokar claim that the defilers of the ancient tombs are offending their gods. They try to hunt down and destroy any who are guilty of such crimes. Normally, this would only amount to isolated violence, but the fanatics claim that soon their gods will lead them in battle to retake the “Garden of the North” (Taltos) and all who try to hold it against them will fall.

The Crusaders: The name ascribed to the forces at Denelspire. These knights and warriors strive to keep the people under their protection safe while rooting out the forces of darkness that threaten them. Most admire their cause, but some grumble that their “Law and Order” carries a high price.

There are also several sizable mercenary companies that hire out to different groups. Some are strong enough to heavily influence a battle, or even a whole campaign.

There are rumors of other, stranger groups that alter the balance of power: everything from talking lizards to armies of demons and undead. Some stories are less believable than others, though.


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