Adon is a world of many nations, not all of which are relevant here. The human nations that have the most influence and interest in Taltos are Malvernis, Dartha, Racheau, Breonne, and Jalahandra.

Malvernis is a theocracy, run by the church of Khardullis, the dark god. Their primary interest in Taltos is the slave trade that comes from the City of the Overlords: Craclaw.

Dartha is a puppet state of Malvernis. It serves as a buffer between Malvernis proper and the turmoil of Taltos.

Rachaeu lies to the West, along the north shore of the Dragon Spine Sea. It consists of several powerful duchies paying modest tribute to the crown, while operating more or less independently otherwise. It is also home to the Church of the Three: the most prevalent religion in central Adon.

Breonne is an ancient feudal kingdom, steeped in chivalry. Its commoners live as serfs as its gentry practice their courtly ways.

Jalahandra is a semi-desert land. Once part of the ancient Hakiri empire, there has been a recent revival in the worship of its strange gods and traditions.

There are also non-human lands, including Elven Tirithilia and Aizen Krahl. The Monglash Steppes are home to hordes of orcs.


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