Rafiqua the Grey

Human Assassin


Assassin, Level 3, XP: 5,301
Alignment: Neutral (all in a day’s work)

HP: 15
AC: 4 (with shield)

STR 17
DEX 14
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 11
CHA 11

Languages: Ancient Hakiran (spoken and written)


Studded leather armor +1
Light crossbow
Quiver, 10 bolts (1d6)
Darts, 5 (1d4)
Daggers, 2 (1d4)
Garrote (?)
Sap (1d4 + Str subdual damage)
Thieves tools
Flint and steel
Rope, 50’
Grappling hook
Empty flasks, 4
Large sacks, 2
Small sacks, 2
Torches, 8
Oil, 6 flasks


Rafiqua the Grey is an initiate of the Federated Society for Truth, Penitence, and Liberation—an assassins and torturers guild in far Hakiri. Despite her youth, she has nearly white hair as a result of her initiation into the guild. She wears her hood up most of the time and can easily dye her hair as needed.

Her most visible weapon is the traditional Hakiran scimitar along with a spiked buckler. Her less visible armament is more suited to piercing defenses to deliver poison or silently disabling an enemy: daggers, darts, crossbow bolts, sap, and garrote.

Rafiqua’s mission for the Society is to scout Taltos as a possible location for a new chapter. She can practice her craft as needed, but she aims to connect with existing practitioners rather than force them out. The Society’s existence is public knowledge, though individuals may choose to conceal their membership. In Hakiri, many prominent rulers employ Society members as torturers, executioners, or spies.

Rafiqua the Grey

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