The Battle for Taltos

Session 5: Jonas's Take


Well, that was kind of messed up. I had been busy trying to learn about the slavers and how to bring them down when some Jalandrans showed up. They told me that the group my companions were seeking had absconded with a canopic jar, and intended to torture the spirit within the jar for eternity to generate power. I have to admit it’s creative, but it’s also just twisted and wrong.

So we headed down some long, dark stairs, under an inn in town, and eventually came upon my companions in the midst of battling some horrifying monstrosities and what seemed to be cult priests. We leapt in to help, but ultimately it was useless. My companions had created a series of obstacles in the entrance to the ceremony chamber, so we couldn’t even get into the fight—the way was blocked. Rubble and fire?! What a great idea.

Wait, that’s not fair. Tactically it makes sense. And if I had any kind of sense, I could’ve figured out a way to be useful. My magic—again—turned out to be useless, a waste of time. We won the fight, but the leader of the Jalandrans was killed. And I contributed nothing to the victory.

I hope these guys don’t realize that they could do a whole lot better with a different mage. I need their help, but I’m not sure they’ll keep me around much longer.



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