The Battle for Taltos

Session 1

GM’s NOTE: Given that this is such a large group, rather than trying to keep track of every little thing people did in the session and get it all down here, I’m going to “hit the highlights” in a condensed form and let the players edit and elaborate as they see fit.

PCs arrived in Port Gangrel by ship one afternoon and obtained rooms at the Whore’s Elbow. The druid had some difficulty convincing the innkeeper to let her keep her animals there, but won her over in the end. Some exploration of the town revealed that there are distinctive neighborhoods, some less savory than others.

The town is effectively run by various “bosses” who control different turfs. There is no central law or government, but residents and businesses pay their “dues” to their respective bosses and things get done.

Meanwhile, back at the inn, some thugs tried to kick the PCs out their rooms, wanting them for themselves. A brawl ensued, but the party managed to overcome the thugs without bloodshed and the toughs fled the inn.

Later on, some characters visited another tavern farther from the waterfront called The Rose. There they spoke with a few adventurer types and continued to get the lay of the land. Rafiqua encountered a few of her countrymen (Jalahandrans) who claimed to be tracking a tomb defiler.

By that time, it was growing late and the party decided to work their way back to their rooms.



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