The Battle for Taltos

Pointer's Letter

Pointer writes to his elven mother

hello mother

i am sorry not to have written before to you but now i have found a scrivinners so there is some ink
so you know writing is not for me mostly

I have also not seen my uncles your brothers

fighting for men well with humans I mean, not against them but they pay me, so it’s been a lot of good experience for a couple of years

you know I was staying in blaggard cove between campaigns, well I took a trip to port gangril and met some mercenaries from all over and we are forming our own band to try and get money

I rather ran out of money in blackard cove and took the big gamble to spend what was left on taking ship

so here is my story of my trip so far

before we even got to PORT GANGREL I got to know some people on the ship with interesting ideas for example

- rafiqua is a jahlahadaran girl with white hair she is as strong and short as a tree stump and knows how to question people and do secrets but she is not so good in a fight, even though quick but not used to mixing it up I guess
- vedayn is a dark skin guy from dartha or somewhere up north that way, and a wizard with good spells. you know I want to learn magic some day. well he knows it
- pran is a pretty girl who is very dirt covered sometimes and her room smells because of all her animals but she has nature magic that sometimes helps and she can charm people after she annoys them so it works out okay. I forget where she came from
- adran is another pretty lady and she has the best magic, because her goddess lets her sooth my scrapes and cuts and bruises after I fight which as you know I like to do. adran cant fight so I try to protect her
- jonas is a guy who was on the ship but only comes around sometimes. he has a little magic and I think he is a wizard like vedayn the dark, but mostly jonas goes on about the craclaw slavers. he even gave up good pay to learn about them which I don’t get
- horatio is I don’t know why we let him hang around sometimes because he doesn’t know much or maybe just doesn’t talk about it, but he and rafiqua are always whispering about something that must be important and he seems like a good enough guy

So as you can see I am the only experienced fighter who can shove around an orc or two and block and parry and chop heads. I guess that makes me the leader and they are my motley crew. Including three girls and all of them nice! but no mother nothing like that. We are professionals now. We have jobs!

Before we had the first job we beat up some people who wanted to take our rooms at the elbow so maybe we got known as not taking any guff. Then someone put out the lighthouse. In the Sea of Stars just off PORT GANGREL is a lighthouse island called CROWSNEST and the big magic light went out. We are adventureres now so we went right down to the water and got a boat out there. somebody had unmagicked the lamp and cut up the light house keeper guy into pretty much bloody ribbons. we figured out that the lighthouse was meant to keep ships off a reef so we went out THERE. some wreckers had arrived first so it was kind of their wreck when we saw a ship on the reef. they got on board before us and got their heads cut off. we are tough so we got on next, me and pran first, and there was bloody mess and heads all over. Here’s the bad part, rafiqua saw someone jump into the water and I had the idea it was an aquatic elf. I figured thee humans would start hating on all elves so I told people I had seen it too and that it was maybe a fishman like the sahaquins or whatever. Whoever it was had cut off an awful lot of heads and rigged up a fire trap for me! The ship burned and sank but I rescued a few kegs of likker to sell.

Anyway we talked to the island boss Jacko who was pretending to be mad at us about wrecking. Really he just wanted to twist our arms to investigate but he was also going to pay us a LOT so we said yes sir.

I hate the way I can talk pretty well but when I write it down it takes forever and comes out stupid

we found out that the ship was carrying a magic hoosit for the templar knights of the THREE, the big human religion. adran tracked down where some rose petals came from and we formed a plot. seems there are bad elves like the ones uncle warned me about the black elves, altho they are white, the ISIRI, and they cut up people like the light house guy. he had a bitten rose petal in his teeth and I guess it came from a tavern called the White Rose. we went there with two of us pretending to want to meet isiri and someone was spying on us. they had a tunnel under a rain barrel!

there was a little store room full of traps that rafiqua insisted on hanging around and setting off and I got a pretty bad centipede bite. so I rested a while and the others explored and found stairs going way down. older than the rain barrel room. I found sign that people had been coming and going so while the others went back to the elbow to study magic for exploring, I stayed all night on the roof and watched the barrel, and two guys came out with reversible cloaks: red and regular

then we went down. mother it was just like in uncle’s stories. an EVIL HIGH PRIEST doing bad magic and tortured slaves fighting under command of wicked red-cloak cultists. it was gross. the EHP summoned a demon! everyone else ran away but I was not going to let the demon out of that room so I stayed to fight it. It knocked me down though, and I did the possum, then used grandpa’s bow to pick off the stupid cultists. we were pretty beat up and it was going against us when Jonas appeared with a bunch of jahlahhahadrans to join the fight. then we made it. the demon dudes had some jahlaaadan soul jar thing and they wanted it so we said fine and they ran away. then the spell casters found a wall that wasn;t there and we found a mummy! rafiqua said it was her people’s kind of thing and we should definitely disturb it so we did and it attacked of course. but that would have been fine but some kind of stone golem that could walk through stone walls came also and that was the sign to get out. Which we did but not before grabbing treasure some of it from pretty sneaky traps like inside a pillar.

the EHP was scorched up like meat dropped in the fire from pran’s magic but we brought his head to Jacko along with the explanation and he paid right up. that was a great day. we went shopping and I rented a house for us so we could leave the elbow. you can write to me now care of jery’s cobbler shop. keep that kind of secret though although it’s not as secret as it was since a couple of our guys got jumped by those last two cultists with poison. horatio passed out bad. we all had to get together to try to save him. I found a specific but adran and pran knew a Good High Priest of the THREE who came and purified Hortatio so he was fine.

I had the idea that we had a success under our belt and should go to the templars and offer to get back their artifact. no one else has as much knowledge of the people who killed the light house light so the ship would wreck. they used the same scrolls of human skin as the demon guys. our smart city people went out to get some information and rafiqua heard that there were reports of a big glowing eye dog prowling right around the White Rose where the culties had their ritual. we had looted some figurines from the mmmy’s tomb and one of them was an amber cat figure which was just gone the next day. we geared up for a fight and went over there at night and I did some tracking. it was cat tracks not dog and then the thing attacked us. it was the toughest thing I ever beat. if you can imagine fighting a giant mountain lion made of stone. fortunately sword blows could crack it and I managed to smash its head off before it killed any body but mother did I ever have claw wounds and torn up armor and blood leaking out. once again adran saved me. I need to make a donation to whatever temple she is from. although i am out of money again right now

Anyway, so that’s my trip so far! We are off to DENILSPIRE to offer our services to those knights. if we come closer to ALMIRITHIL I will try to stop by but I know you are always busy so that’s all right. The whole thing going on is still kind of confusing but we will just keep bugging people with questions, bribing other people, sneaking into places, and killing the bad ones.

your son



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