The Battle for Taltos


Scraps of information. Other players please add!

Orba Sinhan: Biggest boss of the town; in the field with his army.
South Shore (docks)
• Whore’s Elbow: Inn near docks; former base of operations. Hostess: Reedie.
• Ernard: Dockmaster.
• Drew: Boss of the South Shore.
• Temple of the Sea God. Priest: Gof.
The Snarl (slum)
Makeside (working class)
• Jery’s Shoes: Two upper floors rented as party’s base.
• White Rose: Bar with rose bush in Makeside. Cultist lair underneath.
• Bullock: Owner of the White Rose. Protective of his rose bush.
• Cultists: Wear red robes, reversed to white in public. DARK THRALLS
The Upends (middle class)
• Cooper’s Lane, shops
• Espy’s: “second nicest” jewelers on Cooper’s Lane.
• Gaunt: Magic user and self-styled sage.
The Westing (nicer?)
• Church of the Three
o Father Reder
o Sister Ecil
• Templars of the Ivory Crown: Templars of the Three; expecting artifact to take to Denelspire
o Sir Kanel, Templar of the Ivy Crown — RIP
• Eddyn, caravan leader, route to pass Masor

• Jacko, “fishing boss.” Native Taltian. Trademark: Fiddling with a coin.
• Payne, dockmaster
• Lighthouse
• The Hold: Bar where Jacko holds court in the back room.
• Dangerous reef: wreck of the Pride of Anhur, carrying artifact to the Ivory Crown at Denelspire: IVORY SCEPTER

• Isiri, elf-demon hybrid faction. “Darkspawn.” Feed on pain. Tunnels to their realm in Oaknut Forest.
o Isiri followers, non-demon elves who admire and support the Isiri.
o DARK THRALLS: Cultist “wannabes,” humans who make themselves up pale and pretend to be Isiri.
o The Broken: Tortured, mindless servants of Dark Thrall cultists.
• Masor: Small town 1–2 days N. of Mitaur, near the Oaknut Forest.
• Denelspire: HQ of templars of the Three. Run by The Wolf Slater. Once taken over by Isiri.
• Tower of the Dawn library
• Craclaw, slavers. Worship evil god Khardullis from Malvernis.

Priests, Templars, and Chroniclers

USE THE d30!!!



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