The Battle for Taltos – A Labyrinth Lord Campaign

Taltos is the default setting of Reaper Games’ “Warlord” miniatures skirmish rules. Adapted for role-playing, this campaign uses its own versions of the common places and factions from the wargame.

Located in central Adon, the land of Taltos is less a nation and more of an ongoing border war. Several races and nations have interests here, both political and economic. It sits at a virtual crossroads for elves, dwarves, nations of men, and other –less seemly– things.

There is great wealth to be found in its natural resources. Rare spices, good iron, valuable timber for shipbuilding, all can be found here. Not to mention the lost tombs of ancient Hakiri, which are said to be overflowing with gems and gold for the taking; if one isn’t afraid of ancient curses, that is.

There is strong magic here, too. Not just the typical sorceries of wizards and priests, but unwholesome, powerful magics that permeate the land itself. Spellcasters come from leagues away to research the nature of these anomalies, and some to perform foul rituals that might not succeed in a places of weaker magical power.

The Characters

The PCs are newly arrived in Taltos (or at least newly left home, if native to the area). It is up to the party what course they follow. Great wealth and power are possible here. As the various factions fight each other, the party can choose to involve themselves in the conflicts or not, but sometimes it’s hard to stay out of a fight when you find yourself in the middle of a battlefield. Many groups claim to fight for justice and good, but no hats are totally white to all eyes.

Things the PCs might turn their hands to:

  • Tomb Robbing.
  • Caravan Guarding/Robbing.
  • Piracy & Smuggling.
  • Bounty Hunting.
  • Mercenary work.
  • Spice gathering/selling. (More dangerous than it sounds).
  • Scouting for various factions.
  • Power struggles among city thieves guilds.
  • Bodyguards.
  • Assassination.
  • Spying and/or diplomacy.

The Battle for Taltos

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